Vanguard Renewables

Property Type: Commercial

Trilogy Role

  • As the Chief Investment Officer, Mr. Chase oversees the company‚Äôs investments and manages all underwriting, project siting, permitting, design and construction activities as Vanguard builds Anaerobic Digesters (ADs) throughout the US.


  • Developer and owner/operator of Anaerobic Digesters
  • Completed a $72M capital raise with institutional partners to build 26 ADs in target market throughout the US
  • Specializes in Certified Organics Reuse Solutions
  • Professionally managed ADs convert organic feedstocks from a variety of sources including farms and food processing plants.
  • Highly efficient and secure ADs produce renewable energy, fertilizer, clean water, and other useful byproducts.
  • www.vanguardrenewables.com